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Building an 8" pier for smaller telescopes
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Customer Testimonials
".. I installed the pier top plate and Milburn wedge that evening, leveling was a snap. I spent about an hour on wednesday and thursday nights polar aligning. I was very happy with the smooth movement and lack of backlash during the adjustments! Even with the wedge hardware quite tight movement was much smoother than with the wedge on the tripod! The combination of concrete pier and plate is rock solid and any induced vibrations damp out within a couple of seconds.."

".. Dan, you've definitely got a winner here! I'd recommend this setup to anyone!!"

Arlington, TX
".. Thanks for the detailed info on your top plate. Your design is awesome! It should match up well for my C-11. The bolting details and part numbers are also a big help."

New Milford, CT
".. Attached are a few pictues of the Pier Plate and my AP 1200GTO mount on top.
The diagram off setting the plate by 7 degrees was very easy to drill and attach, the plate is dead on level on the 12" concrete pier.
Thanks for a great product!"

San Antonio, TX
".. Everything looks OK. Thanks for your great service!"

Dalby, Sweden
".. The plate matches beautifully with the CGE tower..Your quality is excellent..Your pierplates are just great and worth EVERY cent."

Haymarket, VA
".. I got it today and it works fantastic. Thanks."

Mason, MI
".. I really appreciate everything you did to make this transaction a good one...Thanks again Dan, and clear skies to you!"

Coconut Creek, FL
".. I just wanted to compliment you on the exceptional workmanship of the item and that I am completely satisfied with your product.

Hollister, CA

".. The pier plate arrived safely and is everything I had hoped for. I can't wait to install it and use it! Thank you so much for making me such a high quality component at such a reasonable cost."

University of Delaware

".. I just received my deluxe pier plate today.....a fine piece of equipment!!"

McKinney, TX
".. Thanks for the information... Your pier system is an excellent setup very diverse!"

Dalton, MA
".. Dan, just received the pier top plate assembly and am very impressed with the quality of the parts and machine work."

Altadena, CA
".. I purchased your 8" pier combo for the LXD75 and am loving it.  I recently picked up an Atlas/CGEM adapter second hand that fits flawlessly.  I love the modularity of your system..."

Louviers, CO
".. A few weeks ago I finally got around to installing my pier using your plates.  I was able to get it in just before the weather gave out here in SE CT.  I am so glad I finally did this, using my C14 is so much easier and convenient to use.  Your plates were easy to install and I was impressed by the quality and amount of engineering that went into them.  Thanks very much."

Quaker Hill, CT
".. Just letting you know that the pier plate arrived today safe and sound.  Thanks for a great product and the fantastic service..."

Melbourne, Australia
".. Your 12" pier plate for my 14" LX200 Meade GPS-SCT arrived in great shape. The quality of your product is awesome, and worth every penny ... Thanks again for such a great product.

Lake Leelanau, MI
".. worked great Dan. No extra parts required.  Mounted and balanced in about 1 hour. The Mitty Proline for the CPC fit with your CPC1100 plate perfectly...."

Yuba City, CA
".. Just wanted to say, somewhat belatedly, many thanks for an excellent product.  Your pier plate fits my CGEM mount as advertised; its quality is extremely high.  Your machining is impeccable!  I could not ask for better... 

Iuka, MS
"..My final observatory is perfectly functional AND wife approved."

Cedar Park, TX
"..The mount plate got here a few minutes ago - I must say you do outstanding work! ... Overall, this is one nice piece of work - I'm itching to get it up to its neck in concrete. Thanks again Dan"

Blacksburg, SC
".. I just installed my Orion HDX 110 Mount on the adapter plate.  It is a perfect fit!   Great craftsmanship."

Boyne City, MI
".. I just wanted to let you know that I received the package with the EQ8 mount adapter and pier top base plates and that it arrived safely. I am very impressed with the quality of your workmanship the fit and finish of the adapter and base plate is very high quality and they match perfectly with my EQ8 mount.

These adapters will be attached to a custom made steel pier for my observatory."

Calgary, Canada